I have clients always asking me what crystals that they can use for protection. There are several that can be used. These crystals can be put in your pocket or bra during the day. As well as, you can use them at night when you are sleeping too. When using them at night, put them under your pillow at night. Or if they are big ones, put them under your bed. Both techniques work. These crystals will help you feel safe and protected. Remember to make sure you once and awhile as they will absorb the negative energy from you and will become “full” which will need to be released. One of the easiest ways that I have found is I put them under my bed and they are placed on top a piece of “selenite” which is a clearing stone and they get cleaned immediately and then I don’t have to worry about this.  (Please note: The only stone on this list that you cannot put under your pillow or bed is the Red Selenite. You can put this on your nightstand though).

Crystals for Protection

  1. Amethyst– Assists in setting boundaries, reduce anxiety, bring in a sense of control and assert authority.
  2. Prehnite– Helps to enable a sensitive soul to be sympathetic, not empathetic, and avoid absorbing people’s negativity.
  3. Labradorite-Assists in protecting from irrational fear and helps one to find order out of the chaos.
  4. Onyx– Absorbs negative energies.
  5. Black Tourmaline-Helps to shield you from energy around you and provides a safe-haven of solemnity. (This one is my personal favorite!).
  6. Smokey Quartz- Assists in providing a “cloak of invisibility” that allows one to be undisturbed and removes the vulnerability.
  7. Red Selenite- Assists Mediums with protection in readings and clearings.