It is the beginning of the year and was one of your resolutions to lose weight? Well if so, use some of these crystals to help you achieve that goal. For them to assist you, put them in your pocket or bra, just make sure they are physically with (on) your body. (No, putting them in your purse doesn’t count!). You can also use them at night by put them under your pillow or under the bed too. Remember, make sure you clean your crystals once and awhile as they will absorb the negative energy from you and will become “full” which will need to be released. One of the easiest ways that I have found is I put them under my bed and they are placed on top a piece of “selenite” which is a clearing stone and they get cleaned immediately and then I don’t have to worry about this.

Crystals for Weight

1. Green Tourmaline– Helps with weight loss by supporting your will power and helps one to be “kind” to self.

2. Magnesite– Assists in dispersal of cholesterol and increases the body’s speed of reducing the “fat” in the body.

3. Cinnabar -Helps to support a change of image, assertiveness and stabilizes eating habits.

4. Iolite- This stone detoxes and assists with regeneration of the liver. It also assists in reducing the fatty deposits in the body.

5. Muscovite– Helps to reduce hunger pains and regulate the kidneys. This stone also helps to reduce stress and insecurity.

6. Kyanite– Assists to release excess weight, along with the mental thoughts of being dissatisfied with one’s body image.