There are so many different crystals that we can work with. I wanted to blog about different crystals that can work with different Astrological signs. Each sign has different attributes, personality traits, strengths, weaknesses etc. that we each carry with us for this particular sign. When we look at a sign with a particular crystal that works well with the sign, then this can assist in the energy of that crystal helping the individual benefit more.  With that being said, I am going to highlight a few crystals that will work great for this sign.  If your sign is a Virgo, August 21-September 22, here are some crystals that will benefit you!

Crystals for the Virgo

  1. Carnelian– This stone aids in motivation, endurance, leadership and courage. For Virgos this stone also helps them to be practical and hardworking.
  2. Sapphire This this is a vibrant stone for Virgos assists in bringing kindness and loyalty. It is also associated with wisdom, royalty and prophecy.
  3. Peridot– This stone assist in helping to be more analytical and self-critical of self and others.
  4. Opal- This stone assists in helping Virgos to be methodical in their approach and leaves nothing to chance.
  5. Moonstone- This is a great white stone for protection. This stone also helps to bring about good intuition and to be grounded in common sense.
  6. Lapis Lazuli- This stone is not only beautiful in color but brings forth many wonderful things if you use it. These attributes include, power, royalty, truth, honor, wisdom, power and vision. For this sign of Virgo, this stone also aids in being independent with a “drive for protection.”