Have you been in a dark tunnel lately that you haven’t been able to see the light? Have you just been in the fetal position and wanting to cover yourself in with a blanket, numbing your pain? If so, it is time to come out of the darkness to see the glimmer of light. There are many reasons this could be happening, such as letting go of a relationship, a death in the family or simply just being depressed! When we get in a downward spiral that we can only see darkness our vibrations is lowered. When this happens, we have more negative things attracting to us during this time. Remember the Law of Attraction blog? Positives vibrations attract positive vibrations, negative vibrations attract negative! In order to start seeing the light and raising your vibrations to a positive one, you can use these tools below to help you out of the downward spiral!

Here are Some Tools to Use to Come Out of the Tunnel

  1. Believe in Yourself!– Start by thinking you deserve something better than that “dark tunnel” you have been it. It starts with YOU! If you believeyou are worthy of happiness and love guess what you will get? HAPPINESS AND LOVE!!!
  2. Know that Things are Going to be Better! If you change your thought process to a “KNOWING” that things will be better you are relying on “faith” and trusting the Universe! Once this happens the Universe will start to assist you on working to show you the “light” at the end of the tunnel.
  3. Think Positive Thoughts!– By thinking positive thoughts this ALWAYS raises your vibration to a positive level! When you are in a positive vibration you start to see things in a positive manner and things don’t seem as bad.
  4. Giving Gratitude’s!-Thanking the Universe for small things brings in positive vibrations! Being grateful for a bed, food or clothes reminds us that we are truly blessed. Seeing things from the glass half full instead of empty perspective makes a HUGE difference!
  5. Seeing the Blessing in the Current Situation!-Sometimes we need to look at the situation and see the blessing in it instead of the loss. Was this relationship on the right track or were there red flags you were ignoring all along? Maybe your loved one that passed was suffering with an illness and now they don’t have to suffer anymore. Maybe the depression that you are in is actually a wakeup call for you for you to make a major change in your life to receive happiness!

Finally, when going through a situation that has you wanting to “come out of the tunnel” what are you going to do? Will you “CHOSE” to continue to see darkness or will you take actions with the tools provided? Remember we all have a chose in our journeys, what will YOU chose?