Colors are a great way to bring balance into our lives. Have you ever gone to your closet to pick out a shirt and you look at one and you think, I don’t want to wear that! It is because that was not the right color for you that day! Then you look at another one and think that’s what I want to wear! That is because that WAS the right color that you needed to wear that day. This is called color energy. You can absorb the essence of a color to help raise your energy. To demonstrate, when I am not feeling the best I like to wear green. The reason for this is because green is a healing energy. So, start to use color energy in your life, you will begin to see how it makes a difference!

Here are the colors and the energy it provides.

White– New Beginnings, Protection and purity.
Silver– Open and Intuition.
Grey- Neutral and Introspection.
Pink– Optimism and Affection.
Red– Love, Romance, and Power.
Orange– Healing, vitality, and luck.
Gold- Success, Divine, and Courage.
Yellow– Learning, happiness, and creativity.
Green– Healing, Abundance, and Nature.
Blue– Communication, Peace, and Patience.
Purple– Wisdom, Intuition, and Divine.
Brown– Grounding and stability.
Black– Protection and elimination.