Recently, I have been encountering the same reoccurring pattern lately. The pattern that keeps coming up is judgement from other people about my business. This has been something that I have been dealing with for over a year. I have tried to clear it several times, but the lesson keeps coming back. Why is that? If a lesson continues to come up in your life, it means that you have not learned it and it has become a pattern. We all have lessons to work on in this life and it’s our responsibility to work on trying to pass them. Sometimes, we have worked on the lesson, and we feel that we are almost through with it, then something else pops up. I call this a pop-up quiz, because the Universe is testing you. This is a quick test to see if you really passed the lesson. I always say, tell clients, are you going to take the bait again? Sometimes we do take the bait and we must start all over again. This is what was happening to me. In the last 2 months, I had some people give me spam or fake reviews on my Yelp account. These are people that I don’t even know and haven’t read for.  I contacted Yelp and let them know, they took the spam ones away, but the fake ones they wouldn’t do anything about it. For me, this was frustrating but since I don’t pay for their advertising, or any advertising for that matter, I had to let it go. So, what I did was replied to the reviews and wrote that this was a fake review and I contacted Yelp about it. Even though I sent a response and I tried to handle it with ease, it was tough. The feelings of judgement kept coming back in. Again, I tried to release it, but I kept reeling from these same emotions. My thoughts were, what if someone believes these comments, will that affect my business, will someone not come to me because of this, and the list goes on. As you can tell, the emotions bubbled up and I didn’t pass the lesson again. I knew I needed to do something different, to pass this lesson. I contacted a friend that read the Akashic Records. I have blogged about the Akashic Records before. When you work in the Akashic records, you can try and find out why something is happening in your life. So, when she went in there, we found out that I had a past life where I was judged from other people. She was able to clear that life and the feelings, along with this lifetime. After this happened, a few days later, I had another pop-up quiz from a client. She was questioning a review that she saw posted and was judging me about that review. I couldn’t believe that the pop-up quiz came so quickly! It was a test; would I pass it? I knew in my heart the reviews I have received are 100% accurate from my clients, except those 2 that were fake. I sent her this exact information and let it go. I had to remember it is not my business what other people think, if she needs to judge, let her judge. I then went and bought some candles to release the emotions and judgment that was coming up. I burned them with the intention of releasing anything that was left. I felt very freeing after this took place. This time, I wasn’t going to do that same pattern that I kept creating. I worked at changing my behavior, cleared old thoughts and released old patterns of this lifetime and past. I also saw an energy healer to release any energy that was left in my body too. After this, I decided to pull a few cards and I received the card of completing a karmic lesson. This card showed me that I finally completed the lesson; I was finally free. So, if you are experiencing something similar, recognize the pattern that you keep creating and change it. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to figure out what to change but keep working at it. The more you work at it, the more you will start to understand the lesson and know how to pass the test!