I have been doing a lot of work more work on clearing forgiveness. This has been a process that I have been working on for years. I have been working on a new technique recently, I didn’t realize how much I needed to forgive others, so I wanted to share it with you.  This process is used by many high-level beings such as Yogis. I want to point out that you might have to repeat the steps for certain people as there might be more energy inside you that needs to be cleared more than others.

Here are the Steps to Clear Forgiveness.

  1. Think of the person you want to forgive.
  2. Feel the energy bubble up inside when you think of the person or yourself and the situation that was created.
  3. When that energy feels very bubbly or dense, then say, “I clear this energy” and “I forgive you and send you love.”
  4. Next, think of all the reasons why this person might have done, said or why the situation was created. This could be, it was a pattern, they didn’t know better, they were taught this way, I showed them their shadow side, its past life related, or anything I am not aware of. Also, say, “anything that is conscious or unconscious and go to the root of the problem or cause.”
  5. Then go back and say, “I forgive you and send you love.”
  6. The energy should start to dissipate and move in your body. If it is not, go back to steps 3-5 and clear it again.
  7. When you are done, you should feel the energy being released. I feel it coming out of my throat and sometimes I need to open my mouth to release it.

This process is an amazing way to move energy out of your body. I didn’t realize things that were coming up that I didn’t know that was being stored in my body. These even included small things like something a neighbor said that was so insignificant. Once you start to do this process, you will start to begin to think of things in your mind that need to be cleared. Its amazing and it does work. I have been clearing about 2-3 people each day. I have also cleared myself of many things that I have felt bad about too, so don’t forget to clear you too! Try it, you will be amazed on how it releases things and how clearer you will begin to feel!