Since it is St. Paddy’s day, how could I not blog about LUCK! What is luck? Basically, one can think of this as “pure chance” brought forth by one’s actions. To some people, they can consider “luck” to happen by chance, however, for me I see it as “manifesting.” This is a synchronicity of what you put out to the universe. I have blogged about manifesting many times. When you are manifesting you are putting into action your thoughts of what you want. When you are thinking clearly, using the Laws of Attraction, you are first thinking what you want, then the manifesting is the next stage, the action. When both are in alignment, the universe provides what you are thinking. To demonstrate, my sister has been wanting a Jacuzzi for so long however it is the cost of it that keeps her from purchasing one. She has been talking about getting one for the last year now.  At the new year, she wrote on a piece of paper of what she wanted to bring in this year and this was one of her items she listed. Now it takes the universe a bit to work on what you are wanting, so a few months went by. Then yesterday she told me the good news! She was talking to her neighbor, who owns a Jacuzzi and asked him how he likes it. He told her that he never uses it and wants to get rid of it and asked her if she wanted it! She was so thrilled, he was just giving it to her and it didn’t cost her a thing! So, I ask you, did this just happen by pure “luck” or did this happen because of her manifesting her thoughts in? It seems to be by pure luck, right, but was it? Let’s look at how this progressed. First, she put it out to the universe, which were her thoughts. Second, she wrote it down on a paper (action), which was her manifestation. Third, the universe provided what she wanted and it became a synchronicity! So, if you are wanting to bring “luck” into your life, start to manifest as the universe is ready to provide! Remember, it starts with you!