Since Valentine’s Day is next week I wanted to blog on love! I have blogged about Love several times. Love is the highest frequency we have here on Earth. When you are in love, nothing seems to matter as it’s a euphoric state. It is that feeling that people want to have, the butterflies in the stomach and the happiness all around. For many of us, we feel that this euphoric state eludes us. Why? Many times, it is because something from our past is holding us back, reminding us of things that didn’t go so well in that relationship(s). This brings us down and we have that funky energy revolving around us. So how do we bring love in? Here are some steps to help you move past this energy and start to have that euphoric state.

  1. Start by Loving YOURSELF! – When we love ourselves, we are putting out the vibrations of Love! This then helps to attract in a mate as you are on that high frequency!
  2. Let go of the Past!– How can you bring in love if have left over energy, attachment, emotions to the past? You need to move this energy and get it out for new energy can come in!
  3. Be Optimistic and Positive– If you are thinking that no one is out there for me, well guess what? The Universe provides no one out there for you! It is that simple, remember it is the Thoughts using the Laws of Attraction! What you think is what you get! Change your thoughts!
  4. Decide to be Happy Now!- When we are happy in our lives, this is a higher frequency and this attracts positive things in. Being happy now, instead of waiting for “Mr. or Mrs. Right” shows the Universe that you can be independent! When we are happy with ourselves and our environment that is when this person will come in!

Finally, it is up to YOU to bring the LOVE in! You are the master of this journey that you are on. If you want love, then start with these steps above. Remember, think differently and know that the Universe is working on bringing in that Love to you!