I have blogged about gratitude’s several times and how important it is to thank the Universe for all that you have. When you give gratitude’s, you are putting out that positive energy to the Universe, and it is returning to you 10-fold. However, I wanted to share with you another tip that you can use, when working with gratitude’s.  When you are feeling annoyed or frustrated, you can work with gratitude’s to help you. Here is how it works. If something is bothering you, what you can do is flip the switch on this. When you are thinking of this annoying situation, change the way you FEEL about this and start to give gratitude’s about it. To demonstrate, you had plans with someone during your busy day and that person just canceled 30 minutes, prior to you meeting up. You are feeling annoyed and just frustrated about it. However, change these bothersome feelings into thoughts of GRATITUDE! Give the Universe gratitude and thank the Universe for this time that you now have for yourself! Then use this time and feel joy about this. When you do this, you change the negative energy that you were putting out there, to this positive love energy now. You are now putting out those wonderful vibes! Changing your thoughts about the situation and bringing in the gratitude’s, becomes more beneficial to you! So, the next time that a frustrating situation arises, flip the switch and bring in the gratitude’s. You will be amazed at how this works and what you will end up feeling. Positive thoughts bring in positive things!