It is funny, because I wasn’t going to be writing a blog for St. Paddy’s Day this year, which is only a few days away, but I must, since the Universe is making me feel “lucky” today. I am on a plane traveling to the east coast to see a friend. I booked this trip last minute and there were only middle seats available. Like most people, I am not a fan of middle seats, but the reason is that I don’t like feeling all the energy of people around me. I am a highly sensitive person and being next to the window, makes me not absorb so much energy. Anyways, I tried calling the airline the day before and looked online to change my seat. However, nothing was available, and the agent told me to ask at the gate when I arrived.  When I woke up this morning and I asked the Angels to provide me with a window seat today, and then I let it go. I arrived at the airport and checked the seats again when I checked in, only middle seats. I arrived at the gate and asked the agent to check again for me and she said it was a full flight and only a few middle seats were left. I just resigned myself to be in the middle for the flight. As I was on the flight it was announced on the plane that the flight was full, I thought okay it is what it is. However, I was happy because I was sitting next to two nice women and I thought, that this won’t be as bad as I was thinking. I just let it go and got comfortable in my seat. As the doors to plane closed, the seats in front of me had a window and a middle seat open! The plane was not full, and I was able to move to the window seat! Thank you, Angels, you heard my request and filled it.  I felt so lucky that it was right in front of me and that I was able to move to a window seat. So, the point to this blog is to MANIFEST! Ask and trust that the Universe has heard your request, and bring in the Luck!

Update: I asked the Angels for a window seat on my way back and I just checked in and a window seat was assigned to me! Everyone can manifest and be lucky! Remember, its all about asking, trusting and letting go! You will be amazed what you can bring in!