Many times, we have difficult things that we must work through in our lives. When we go through moments like these, we need to understand that these are “lessons” that we have been given.  Even though sometimes the lessons may be difficult to pass, they are just that, “lessons.” However, sometimes we feel that the Universe is doing something to us. Or maybe we feel that we might only negative things happen to me and more keep on coming. Thoughts like these and more, continue to play in our heads. Then what happens is we start to believe and play into the thought that we are the “victim” in this scenario. This is NOT the case at all, as this is the time to “walk through” the situation and PASS the lesson. Remember, you “co-create” with the Universe. Basically, what you think is what you get, again it’s the “Law of Attraction.” So, if you are thinking “negative things keep happening to me,” well guess what? More negative things will attract to you and you will GET more negative things. It is when we change the way we think and do with our actions, is when we bring in the positive vibes and a higher frequency. When we have these lessons thrust upon us, what is happening is the Universe is giving you a “pop quiz.” Will you recognize that this is pop quiz so you can pass the lesson? Will you walk through this quiz easily knowing that it is just a lesson? Will you understand that you need to change your thoughts and behaviors to pass the quiz? Understanding and become aware is the first step to passing the lesson.  Next, change the way you think and act, to pass the lesson too! Once you figure this out and make the appropriate changes, the lesson is passed and you will not have to do it again. So, the next time you are going through something difficult, pay attention! Ask yourself, have I done this lesson before? If so, change the way you think and act to pass it this time!