Have you ever just felt like you were off, maybe you had scattered thoughts and you just couldn’t think straight? This is due to your energy being off balance. Life brings many unexpected occurrences that can offset your normal balance. This can lead to a person feeling more emotional and unsure of what to do, perhaps even unable to make simple decisions. In order to balance your energy, you need to focus your energy from spirit and focus on earth. This in turn will help you to become balanced again.

What techniques can you use to balance your energy? Here are a couple I recommend:

  1. Connect to Mother Earth! Go outside and just be in nature. Feel the grass between your toes, touch trees, garden or plant things. These are great tools to help “ground” you to the earth plane.
  2. Eat grounding vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, beets or anything that grows in soil. This will assist in balancing your energy.
  3. Visualize that you have roots coming out of the bottom of your feet and connecting deep into the earth plane. Pretend that you are connected, just like a tree, to earth!

Additionally, using stones can assist in balancing your energy:

  1. Black Tourmaline is a grounding stone that can help balance you. Place a small stone in your bra or pocket when you feel unbalanced.
  2. Hematite is another stone that can help balance your energy too. There are even hematite bracelets, and wearing one can assist in balancing your energy.

Both of these stones also help absorb negative energy and have calming effects. By using these techniques and stones to balance yourself, you will be amazed by how focused you become and how easy it is to process your thoughts again. Have other recommendations? Please share in the comments!