What is an Aura? Auras are an energy fields that surrounds all living beings. Auras can be felt, sensed and also seen around a person’s body. Auras are usually about 3 feet or more from ones physical body. Many times people sense other people’s auras and they just don’t recognize that it’s the aura energy they sense. A perfect example of this would be where you just don’t feel comfortable around someone? Or have your felt that someone was just in YOUR space? These are examples of sensing auras! Just as one can sense auras, others can actually physically see auras. Auras range in colors and each color is associated with a meaning. A person can have several colors with in their aura. Auras also change colors with what is going on in that individual’s life at a particular moment.

Here are the colors of auras below.

Red– This color is associated with being #1, sports, anger, trying new things, enthusiastic and very energetic type of personalities.

Orange-This color is associated with being generous, social, sensitive, people pleasers and impatient.

Pink– This color is associated with a loving and giving nature, strong willed, romantic and honest.

Yellow– This color is associated with intelligent, observer, communicator, can read people very well but are critical of themselves.

Green– This color is associated with perfection, health conscious, creative, admired, respected and the love of nature.

Blue-This color is associated with great communicators, organized, peacemakers, with strong personalities but can be workaholics.

Purple-This color is associated with intuitive, psychic, love of learning and connect to animals as well as nature.

Gold-This color is associated with the admiration of beauty, charisma, generosity of time and love and very independent.

White/ Silver-This color is associated with being very gifted, successful, talented and attractive.

Brown-This color is associated with the lack of confidence, selfishness and deception.

Black– This color is associated with depression, negativity and major illness.

How do you see Auras?

The best way to see auras is having a person stand against a white wall. Then look a bit past their head a few inches and try to not focus too much. Your eyes will become fuzzy and then this is when you can start to see the color of their aura. It might take a few trials to do this though! The best way I can describe this is looking at the Magic Eye picture. This is a design of a repeating pattern but you had to stare or “not focus” on that picture to try and see what the image was below. This is using the same technique! Since you now know how to sense and see auras give it a try! You will be amazed on how accurately you will become and what color of energy is being displayed. Remember we all display this energy, how will yours be displayed?