What is Astrology? Astrology is the study and influence of objects like stars and planets as they affect our daily lives. When each person was born, there was a certain position of the sun, moon and planets. At that very moment, this alignment of these objects helps to define us as individuals. This alignment tends to influence thoughts and also can shape our personality, relationships and ultimately our future. Most people tend to know their “sign” or constellation that they were born under. However for the ones that don’t, here is some information to help you understand your sign. Each of the 12 “signs” help to indicate what an individual will tend to be under this sign. Along with each sign there are also “elements” that show what type of energy is associated with that sign. There are 4 different elements that also maintain a profound influence which relate to our personality, behavior or emotions. The “elements” also have a distinct “quality” which lends to influencing each type of person and how they will “engage” in society.

Here are the 4 different Element signs below:

Water-Emotional, Sensitive, Intuitive, Great Memory and Supportive.

Fire-Temperament, Passionate, Strong, Intelligent and Inspirational.

Earth– Conservative, Emotional, Practical and “Ground” us to the Earth Plane.

Air-Love to Communicate, Analytical, Friendly and Philosopher.


Here are the 3 different Element Qualities below:

Cardinal-Asserts their style through their “sign” that they were born under. To demonstrate: If they were born under Aries they would take a more “fiery” approach.

Fixed-Asserts the concept of “hold on” because of this, it is hard for them to change or adapt to a situation with ease.

Mutable-Asserts the style of “adaptability” as they are free flowing.


Here are the 12 Zodiac Signs below:

AQUARIUS –Water Bearer

JAN 21- FEB 18

  • Sign: Air-Fixed
  • Strengths: Honest, Loyal, Independent and Humanitarian
  • Weaknesses: Temperamental and Uncompromising

Aquarians are very intelligent who love to help others. They are great at seeing both sides to any situation. Aquarians love to be alone to think but also need to have freedom as they do not like to be trapped. They are great at business and making money however they love to help others which also can be a detriment to themselves.


ARIES– The Ram

MAR 21- APR 19

  • Sign: Fire-Cardinal
  • Strengths: Determined, Insightful, Creative and Enthusiastic
  • Weaknesses: Hot-Tempered and Moody

Aries are very ambitious who have a great sense of humor. They have excellent organizational skills but can be impatient if they don’t have their own way. Aries love to have many friends and are very devoted to them as well. They will always fight until the end for any cause that is dear to their hearts.


TAURUS- The Bull

APR 20- MAY 20

  • Sign: Earth-Fixed
  • Strengths: Devoted, Reliable, Patient and Efficient
  • Weaknesses: Stubborn and Uncompromising

Taurians are very generous and love the finer things in life as well as beauty. They are very protective of their loved ones, Tauraians are great at making money and will complete any project successfully. They tend to stand their ground and have a hard time with change.



FEB 19- MAR 20

  • Sign: Water-Mutable
  • Strengths: Compassionate, Unselfish, Trustworthy and Gentle
  • Weaknesses: Fearful and Gullible

Pisces are selfless and always want to help others without expecting anything back. They are very knowledgeable and honest. Pisces are very determined and become passionate about any cause that comes their way. They like to keep a low profile however sometimes they can also play the victim role.



JUNE 21- JULY 22

  • Sign: Water-Cardinal
  • Strengths: Loyal, Tenacious, Traditionalists and Sympathetic
  • Weaknesses: Moody and suspicious

Cancerians are very sentimental and love being around family. They are loyal and are very persistent. Cancerians empathizes with others as well as avoids conflicts. They are very caring however can have a moody side to them as they are fickle at times.


GEMINI-The Twins

MAY 21- JUNE 20

  • Sign: Air-Mutable
  • Strengths: Adaptable, Flexible, Affectionate and Gentle
  • Weaknesses: Indecisive and Nervous

Geminians are very gentle with a quick wit to them. They show 2 different sides of their personalities so you are not sure which one will show up at any time! Geminians love to spend time with people as they are also great communicators. They tend to have mood swings because of the duality of their sign however they generous and affectionate.


LEO– The Lion

JULY 23- AUG 22

  • Sign: Fire-Fixed
  • Strengths: Warm-hearted, Generous, Vocal and Humorous
  • Weaknesses: Arrogant and Stubborn

Leo’s are born leaders who know their power and are self-confident. They love life and are always wanting to spend time with family and friends. Leo’s are able to discern things because of their swift judgement that they possess. They are head-strong and willful, however underneath they are very loving and sensitive beings.


VIRGO– The Virgin

AUG 23- SEPT 22

  • Sign: Earth-Mutable
  • Strengths: Loyal, Hardworking, Analytical and Kind
  • Weaknesses: Critical of Self and Worry in Nature

Virgo’s have very keen minds and a deep sense of humanity. They are very careful and leave nothing to chance. Virgo’s are very inquisitive, conservative and need balance in their lives. They are remarkable at problem solving however they tend to be critical at times.


LIBRA– The Scales

SEPT 23- OCT 22

  • Sign: Airs-Cardinal
  • Strengths: Diplomatic, Balance, Social and Fair-Minded
  • Weaknesses: Carries a grudge and Indecisive

Libra’s are very peaceful and tend to avoid conflicts. They surround themselves with beauty and quality of things. Libra’s are very understanding and want justice for all. They always want an balance in life and will have a hard time choosing sides.


SCORPIO– The Scorpion

OCT 23- NOV 21

  • Sign: Water-Fixed
  • Strengths: Loyal, Resourceful, Stubborn and a Lifelong Friend
  • Weaknesses: Secretive and Jealous

Scorpio’s are very focused, determined and decisive as they are born great leaders. They are very mysterious and are calm and collective. Scorpio’s will fight to the end for any cause as they are extremely loyal people. They can be argumentative and pack a “sting” if you let them down, as they give you only one chance to prove oneself!



NOV 23- Dec 21

  • Sign: Fire-Mutable
  • Strengths: Philosopher, Generous, Focused and Humorous
  • Weaknesses: Impatient and Under delivers on promises

Sagittarius’ are very energetic, love to travel and explore other cultures. They are ever changing as they like transform thoughts into actions in their world. Sagittarius’ love to laugh and enjoy friends and family. They are loyal to others but tend to have commitment issues.



DEC 22- JAN 19

  • Sign: Earth-Cardinal
  • Strengths: Disciplined, Knowledgeable, Organized and Patient
  • Weaknesses: Know–It-All and Always Expecting the Worst case Scenario

Capricorn’s are very serious, professional as they are very independent people. They are very practical and resourceful in situations. Capricorns are good organizers and love to hear that they are “proven right” in a situation. They tend to want to be right in any situation and do not take criticism very well.


Since you know more information about your “sign” does this information resonate with you? What about another person’s sign? Most people tend to agree that it does fit them or a loved one when they read through the information given! Once you know about a particular sign, it can be easier to understand an individual better. Everyone has differences it is just up to us to figure out how to blend this into our lives and relationships.