I wanted to talk about being “caged in” and needing freedom. I have had many clients that I have discussed this with this past week so I wanted to blog about it. Are you feeling this same way too? If so, let’s discuss how you can “free” yourself from the cage! When someone is feeling “trapped” or “caged in” they are actually contributing to this behavior! Really? YES! We all have choices and we are “free” at all times! We are “free” to choose how to handle the situation as we are NEVER really trapped, WE CHOOSE to be trapped! There is ALWAYS freedom but we just don’t see it this way! This even includes prisoners that are locked up as well, as they can choose to be free in their minds!

Here are some things you can do in order to become free!

  1. Think Differently! When you think from a perspective of NOT being trapped or caged in, you start to begin to see the viewpoint that you ARE FREE! Remember this is a CHOICE! To Demonstrate: You may be in a romantic situation that you know is NOT good for you but you are CHOOSING to stay in it for some reason. You know at any time that you CAN leave and walk away to freedom but you are staying.
  1. Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk! Some people talk about wanting to be “free” however for some reason they never actually “walk” or release themselves from the cage. Change is hard for many people and you may be one of them. Remember if you can SAY you are walking away to seek freedom, you can also DO the walking away and achieve freedom!
  2. We Write Our Own Script! This is always an interesting concept as many people don’t realize this! Your thoughts have wings, good or bad, the Universe hears them. When you put out to the Universe that YOU are trapped, guess what the Universe provides for you? YOU become trapped in the mind! By thinking positively that you are free, then ultimately you ARE free, as you see a different perspective on the situation. Again YOUR thinking is actually writing your script on your journey!

Ultimately in order to release yourself of being caged in, you have to realize that YOU are the one that is actually contributing to BEING caged in. By thinking differently and taking action with thoughts and words you can achieve freedom. Remember the CHOICE is YOURS!