I have blogged about Archangels but I wanted to blog about each one separately to give more information on a few of them and their Energy Ray colors they associate with.  There are 7 Energy Rays or “rays of light.” They combine to form 1 energy. Some people believe that each energy ray has different lessons associated with it. Each Archangel can assist you with these different energy lessons, so you can work on mastering them. Archangel Gabriel l comes from the Fourth Energy Ray which is White. He assists us with of being your true self and communication. Many people see his color as white or flashes of white light. He brings about seeing the light or being the lightworker in self. Here are some ways to call in Archangel Gabriel to assist you.

  1. Ask for Communication and being a Lightworker. Ask out loud or within your mind for him to come and assist you. To demonstrate, “Archangel Gabriel could you please assist me. I need you to help fill me up with being a lightworker and giving me the right words to speak. Please assist me in filling up my soul with this. Thank you.” This is just an example on how to ask, say whatever is in your heart and “know” that he will be assisting you.
  2. Ask to Be Surrounding in the White Energy Ray of Light. Again, ask out loud or within your mind for his White Energy Ray of Light to surround you. You might see it, feel it, or know it is surrounding your body.
  3. Ask for the White Energy Ray of Light to assist in Healing. You can envision this coming through your crown chakra and washing you clear of any blocks within your body. It will be released through your feet when you are finished. You can also ask for this for healing for others too.
  4. Ask Him to Help You Focus Your Mind for Projects. Ask Archangel Gabriel to assist you in projects or tasks, writing, or to just have a focused mind. To demonstrate, “Archangel Gabriel please assist me in having a focused mind to assist me in (state your project or task) Thank you.” Again, this is an example, use whatever words are in your heart.
  5. Light a White Candle. You can also light a White candle to represent the White Energy Ray of Light of Archangel Gabriel. As you light it, ask him to come in and surround you with this ray of energy for Matters of the communication. Allow this candle to burn out completely once lit. If you need to snuff it out, then do the same procedure when relighting it.