Today I wanted to blog about other influences that may assist us on our Earth journey. Have you heard of an Animal Totem? An animal totem represents animals that can lend guidance to us during certain times in our life or throughout our lives. These animals serve as, or act as symbols, which identify with what is happening on our spiritual journey. Many Native Americans feel that animal totems act like Spirit Guides to us on our path. These animals can help to provide protection, guidance or healing.

How Do You Know What Your Animal(s) Totem is?

There are several ways you can decipher what your Animal Totem is by asking these questions below.

  1. Are you drawn to a certain animal?
  2. Are you having dreams about a particular animal?
  3. Does a certain animal continue to keep “popping” up in your life?
  4. Are you scared of a type of animal?
  5. What animal are you most intrigued by?

Once you decipher what animal(s) that come up from the questions above, then you can figure out their meanings and symbols that they represent. To find out what the symbol of the animal is, you may want to research this on the internet or get a deck of the oracle cards called “Power Animal Oracle Cards” by Steven Farmer. In order to discover the meaning of that animal take a look in your life and see how this animal totem is assisting you. To demonstrate, I am very scared of snakes, the meaning of a snake is a “healer.” Think of the symbol for medicine, it is the Caduceus with snakes wrapped around a winged staff! This animal totem makes sense to me as I use my hands for “reiki’ which is energy healing! Another one of my animal totems is a wolf. I have always loved wolfs or the dogs that look like wolf, which are the Siberian huskies. The meaning behind this animal totem is “safety and protection.” What this tells me is that this animal protects me when I give readings to people, I don’t need to worry about any negative things that might come up!

Lastly, start to look at what animal totems are assisting you on your Spiritual journey. When you understand the meanings behind the animals, this might help to enlighten you of why you are scared of an animal or maybe why you are attracted to one! This is no coincidence on which animals are on your journey with you, it is actually synchronicity. Knowing what animals are guiding you on in your life might be an eye opener. Sometimes the ones that might scare you might be the ones that are bringing blessings to you! I know this is the case with me and snakes, I see the blessings that this animal brings and I am not as scared of it as much. Which ones are bringing blessings to you?