The angels are always around us to help us with anything. Angels are waiting on us, to ask them to assist us in our daily lives. I always say there are a million angels just waiting on work, but we must ask. However, there are also times, we get a nudge, inkling, or feeling that we need to do something, and I call this “angel whispers.” The angels give us this “whisper” or sign, that they are around. They are watching over us and can prevent us from having something happen. They are trying to nudge you, for a reason, to get your attention. To demonstrate, have you ever heard your name whispered in your ear? Or maybe you were driving, and you felt you needed to pay attention or slow down? What you realized afterward, was there was an accident ahead and you just missed it! That was an angel whisper that was given to you. For me, I had an experience where I was driving and then I heard my name whispered. The person in front of me made a dead stop in an intersection and I severed to the right. I hit the car next to me, however when we both got out of the cars, neither of our cars were damaged, the angels buffered our cars! The angels were giving me a whisper to warn me about this! If I hadn’t listened to, I would have run right into the car that stopped and I know it would have been a serious accident! I was so blessed! Now, I want to also tell you an experience of not listening to an angel whisper. I had a friend that was visiting her son in college. She was there to help him because he wasn’t feeling the best, however they wanted to get out and get some fresh air. They decided to go on a hike and get out a bit. She had issues trying to find some shoes, which was the first angel whisper. Then they got to a point when hiking that she heard stop, which was the second angel whisper. She didn’t listen and she slipped on a rock, fell, and broke her leg in 3 places and had to be rescued. The angels gave her a few angel whispers and she didn’t listen. She says to this day, she always remembers this incident, and now LISTENS to the angel whispers that are given. So, if you get an angel whisper, listen to it, as they are helping and protecting you! Trust this, as there is something you might not be aware of ahead.