Every day Angels try and communicate with us. They want to help us in our daily lives to make things easier for us. As I stated in Angels 101 blog, they are at our door knocking asking for us to let them in! Once we let them in they are so happy to assist us with anything that we need. But how do we know they are communicating with us? Here are some ways that the Angels speak to us.

  1. Numbers-Angels get our attention by using numbers! They can communicate using repetitive numbers off clocks, receipts license plates etc. These numbers are messages from the angels on what they want you to do! Each number has a different meaning and can be decoded. Research the number on the internet or use Doreen Virtues book Angels 101.
  2. Coins-Angels can use different coins. Pay attention when you coins on the ground as they are from your Angels. Some coins might have a different meaning, as a penny might be decoded differently than a dime. Once you see a particular coin then remembered what you asked and you will be able to decode what the meaning of the coin might be. Also, if you were asking about a certain month something might happen and you find 3 pennies this would be 3 months!
  3. Feathers-Angels send feathers to us. These are signs that the Angels are near us. Many times when I see many feathers together it’s a sign that I am doing a great job and they are proud of me! Start to decipher what they mean for you!
  4. Music or Songs-Angels can give us messages through the use of Music. Have you had a time when a certain song came on and you were thinking of a particular person? This is message from your Angels to get in touch with that person or it could be a message that your loved one on the other side is thinking of you at that time!
  5. Synchronicities– Angels can communicate using synchronicities. They can make a situation happen that is not by coincidence! Our minds always try to rationalize things and pass it off as a coincidence. However many times it’s the angels that put these things in place.
  6. The “Clairs”-Angels can use the different “Clairs” that are associated with us. Sometimes do you just feel like you were “touched” by an Angel’s wing? They were using Clairsentience to give you the message! Or maybe you saw an Angel or Angel wings this was the use of Clairvoyance.
  7. Dreams-Angels can give you messages through your dreams. Pay attention to what your dreams might be telling you!
  8. Thoughts-Angels can communicate through your mind by giving you thoughts. This one is a bit harder to distinguish, however if you were wondering why you were thinking this thought, pay attention, this might be from the Angels!

With the knowledge of how you can communicate with your Angels start practicing speaking with them! They will be so excited to work with you and will be able to assist you with many things in your daily life. Once you start this process of communicating daily with them, your will begin to notice how much easier and lighter things become as they assist you in your world!