Have you ever heard of the Akashic Records? If so, what are they? The Akashic Records or “The Book of Life” is known to be a place in the universe where records are stored for each individual who has ever lived on earth. This would be like a huge library or a big computer system. Some people also call this the Hall of Records. The Akashic Records store every detail of ones life which would include: thoughts, words, deeds, feelings or intents. Since we can have multiple lives on earth, each person can access and work with their “Book of Life.” Every book is labeled with your name on it and one can read about the past lives and how it can influence lessons with your current life. The Akashic Records are a history of your soul and the lessons you have learned in each life. They can help connect you to people and lessons you are learning in this lifetime. You can discover why are so closely connected to an individual or not. You may want to understand why you continue to repeat certain patterns or lessons. Or you might just want to know why you are so compelled to achieve something in this lifetime. Most likely it is because of something you have learned in a past life and you can read about it!

 Where are the Akashic Records Located?

The Akashic Records are located on the 6th dimension; Earth is located on the 3rd dimension. Many people have said that it is walls to walls of books, which are each souls Book of Life.

How do you access your Book of Life?

Clairvoyant people can access them using their 3rd eye. I have heard sometimes they see themselves going up in an elevator and get off at the 6th floor, or 6th dimension. When they are there, they need to ask permission to access your book or someone else’s book. (Remember, you need to have consent from another person to access their book).The book will be laid out on a table and you can ask the questions that you would like to know. The pages of the book automatically turn to what you have asked and you can view the information. However, something’s about your current life might not be shown to you as it maybe some lessons you are still intending to learn in this lifetime.

Why would one want to access the Akashic Records?

As stated above, you may want to access them to problem solve something that is happening in your current life. You may also want to know why you feel a certain way about a situation or are scared of something.

How do I know if the information that is received is accurate?

The information that you receive will resonate with you or make some sort of sense to you and thus you will know it is accurate. I do want to note that you also need to be “open” to receiving the information. If you are not open you may want to deny the information and it won’t resonate even though it is accurate!

Lastly, I wanted to share that before you start the process of getting to the 6th dimension, ask to be protected in white light and I set your intention. By meditating before hand, ask to receive all the information that will assist you in this lifetime. Setting the intention ensures that you are allowing all the truth to be seen and you are viewing the truths about your soul! Good Luck and I hope you enjoy viewing your Book of Life!