Affirmations are powerful tools that can be used to “manifest” or bring into our lives. An affirmation is just a statement that we say or write of something that we are wanting to change in our life. This is a tool of using your conscious mind to think positively about a situation. To demonstrate here are a few examples.

  1. Negative Thought: I am having a tough time with feeling worthy. I keep thinking that I am not lovable or worthy of love.

Affirmation to Say: “I AM lovable and worthy of love.”

  1. Negative Thought: I am not feeling successful at being a write. I keep thinking that everyone else has success except me.

Affirmation to Say: “I AM Successful!” or I AM the Most Successful Writer there is.

  1. Negative Thought: I am having a hard time with making enough money. I keep thinking I don’t have enough money.

Affirmation to Say: “I AM Financially Abundant” or “I AM Attracting in Money as it flows In as Money flows Out.”

When we decide to change our negative thoughts and affirm positive thoughts, we are changing the energy of that thought! Changing the energy, then changes the vibration of what we are thinking about in a situation. This is very important as we have thousands of thoughts each and every day! When we are thinking more positive, we increase more positive thoughts too, again raising our vibration! I also want to point out that sometimes it is hard to maintain positive thoughts on a daily basis. We are just humans and negative ones are always around us. One of the best ways to think positively is write it down! This is the same as saying your affirmation aloud. When we see it visually sometimes this “keeps us in check” on thinking positively too! Finally, when you want to change a situation in your life, think differently about it. Our thoughts are powerful tools that bring things to our lives. Changing our negative thoughts and saying positive affirmations brings in more positive things into our lives. Start saying those affirmations today and see what changes in your world!