Many times, we are going through life situations that we are all over the board with our emotions. We could be angry, sad, frustrated etc. that we are cannot accept what the situation is. We are so caught up in the emotions that you are feeling, that we cannot adapt to what needs to be addressed and dealt with. When you understand that these emotions just need to be corralled or “checked” is what I like to say, this is when you can adapt to the situation. The reason that this is important is because what you are experiencing is a “life lesson.” Accepting what is happening within a situation and then adapting to it is “working on the lesson.” When you can “check” your emotions or feelings, then you can start to work on how to adapt to the situation. Think of this as putting your “big girl/boy panties on” and saying, “I can do this!” It is like walking through the swamp! It may not be pretty, but just know you can do this and you WILL get to the other side! So, if you are experiencing one of these life lesson, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to let it just keep controlling you and your emotions? Or, are you going to step up to the plate and walk through that swamp? Remember, it is your choice! For me, I am going to get all armored up with my boots and my big girl panties! This will not take control of me, I as I am passing this lesson!