Since it is Christmas today, I wanted to write about a wonderful Christmas Moment that has touched my heart. For a few years now, my sister and I have gotten together and have made bags of goodies for the homeless. We have gone out on the morning of Christmas Day to deliver them to people that are in need. The bags contained just basic necessities such as: socks, gloves, beanie, scarves, toothpaste, toothbrush and some toys for the kids. Last year we made over 50 bags to hand out which was a blessing. We even had people in the store come up to us and give us money so we could buy even more items. It was just amazing! Each year there are wonderful moments that I recollect as we hand out these bags. The memory that I want to share is this of a homeless man. As we were giving out the bags from our car a man came up to us. He was so polite and asked if he could just have 1 pair of socks that is all he needed! We were trying to give him a bag of goodies and he said no, I just need a pair of socks please give the rest to someone else that really needs it! I started to tear up. Here was a man that definitely needed the goodies but he wanted to make sure others were able to get something too! Wow this pulled on my heart strings, this man only asked for some socks to keep his feet warm since he lives outside! (This is exactly what he told us.) This moment stuck with me as I reflected on my life as well as thinking of other people’s lives during Christmas too. I was so blessed with be able to buy something as small as a pair of socks! Not to mention having a place to stay and be warm too! He reminded me to see Christmas through someone else’s eyes! Just as I was giving to him he in turn wanted to give to another! That’s what Christmas is about! Giving to each other so none of us are left behind! We are “one” no matter what background, race, status etc. we come from, we are all people! So I ask you, “Will you see Christmas though another’s eyes?” Merry Christmas!