Today is a Remembrance Day of the 9/11 attacks. I cannot believe that it is has been almost 20 years that this has happened as I remember it like yesterday. I have seen the 9/11 Memorial Museum a few times in NY and the energy and presence of that place is indescribable. It is overwhelming. When I enter the building, I am always struck by an incredible sadness when I take the escalator to the ground floor. That floor has all the memorial pieces from that day. You can feel the energy vibrating in those artifacts. I always cry as I start to walk around as the energy is so powerful. This continues until I finally leave the museum. Its an overwhelming presence of spirits that are there.

I had an interesting occurrence the last time I went. I was looking at the photos of the people who had passed on the walls. There was one photo at the very bottom of the wall of a man who was a firefighter. I noted to my friend Jakki that he was a good-looking man and his picture kept standing out to me for some reason. What was ironic is I have another friend named Terry who lived in NY when the attacks occurred. She also is a Medium and had a Metaphysical shop during this time. After 911 occurred she would have the spirit of a firefighter named Tim Haskell who would come to her shop often. Well it turns out that the man that stood out to me in the photos was Tim! I had no idea until I talked to Terry about it when I got out of the museum. What was the chances out of the 343 firefighters that passed that day that he was the one that I connected in too? It was for me to give Terry a message that he is saying “hi” to her. Terry had closed her shop many years ago and had not seen him since. I always say spirit is amazing and when they want to give you a message they will.

If you have not seen the 911 memorial go and see it. Just know that the energy is overwhelming and take some tissues too! The experience is one of a kind and you will feel the presence of many spirits!

(In Memory of Tim Haskell FDNY Firefighter 34 years old)