I wanted to blog about how to do a “Life Review” here in Earth School. A life review is looking back at your life, start with ages 1-10 then 15-20, then 20-25 and so on with incriminates of 5 years in a grouping. What you are doing is revisiting what happened in those years and looking to see if anything needs to be changed or healed within that time-frame. Why is this important? The reason for this is things in our current life become triggers to problems that stemmed from situations earlier in our life, that was not healed. When you go back to the “root” of the problem, then you can heal that situation. You are now understanding the lesson that needs to be healed to move on to what is effecting you now, in your current life. How do you heal from the these “roots” that are being uncovered? There are a few things that you can do to heal these situations.

  1. Forgiveness- When we go back to review our lives, many times we need to forgive others or it can even be yourself! Forgiveness is strength!! When you forgive, you are forgiving what was, not condoning what happened but allowing yourself the freedom to be released from the situation!
  2. Releasing Guilt and Shame- Looking back at situations can create guilt and shame, however this needs to be released and healed. When you realized that you have grown and changed since this period, you now have different thoughts and more knowledge. You can’t be hard on yourself because of this, you have just grown and learned lessons!
  3. Lessons and Blessings- When we dissect our stages of life, we start to see things from a different perspective. When you can review each situation with “what did I learn” as well as, “what was the blessing” we can see things from a new perspective which can help shift our views and heal the situation too!
  4. Nurturing the Inner Child- Sometimes we have difficult childhoods which need to be healed. If this is the case, go back and “nurture the inner child” and love this small child that you used to be. Being kind and gentle to this being within helps to heal what was unbalanced in that time span.

Lastly, by going through and reviewing your life, this can help to heal the things that were unbalanced. By working through these challenges, you will come to understand the lesson and blessings that they brought. Healing the “root” of the problem helps you in your daily life to move on and let go of the things that have challenged you! You are basically telling the Universe, “I have learned this Lesson!”