We all have times that we get down and things seem a bit gray, however how do we get out of this funk? One of the best ways is to “laugh.” Laughter is an emotion that helps to raise our vibration. This powerful emotion helps us to relax and balance our energy. When we laugh we are exuding wonderful endorphin’s in our body that make us just feel good! It can also be instantaneous as well as contagious! Laughter just makes things feel better in times that are hard!

Here are some other reasons why laughing is the best medicine!

  1. Makes Us Heal! – When we laugh we renew our energy and things just seem to help us surmount the issues that may be at hand.
  2. Releases Stress! – When our body starts to relax from laughter, this allows for the stress to just “roll off your shoulders.
  3. Helps our Heart! – Laughter increases our blood flow and this helps to protect our heart from heart problems.
  4. Attracts Others to Us! – When we laugh we send out energy that helps to bond with others. This can help in strengthening relationships too!

The next time when you are feeling down and need a boost to get you out of your funk, start to laugh! Find something that makes you laugh and laugh hard. When you do this you will be amazed at how this helps to make your worries just disappear and actually see things in a better light. Then you will understand why laughter is the best medicine!