Today I wanted to respond back to one of my followers on Manifesting. She read the blog How Do You  Manifest.” She wanted to know, “How do I know what to manifest?” I thought this was a great question so I wanted to blog on this today. We have so many things that we can manifest in our lives on a daily basis so how do you know what is most important? I would start by writing down up to 5 different things you want to manifest in your life. Maybe it might be a new job. It could be starting a new romantic relationship. Or maybe you want to consider moving. Whatever it is, write those thoughts down. Now focus in on the words on the paper. Which one jumps out to you first on the paper? The second and so on. Once you know this you know which one to start working on first. To demonstrate, you are wanting a different job, so how do I start the manifesting process? Start by updating your resume. Look for new jobs online or in the newspaper. Network and let your friends and family know that you are looking. These are just some ways you are manifesting and letting the Universe know that you are ready to get a new job. This is the process of you doing some of the work to bring this in. Also, make sure you change your mindset too. Thinking that you ARE getting a new job and you cannot wait for this new position! Now I want to share with you that you just don’t have to only manifest 1 item in at a time. So if you are working on manifesting the job in, you also could work on manifesting moving at the same time. So look for jobs out of state or maybe you might be looking for houses in a different city. Remember keep working on looking, networking and thinking that you are moving. Sometimes our manifestations come in together!

What If I Don’t Know What to Manifest?

If you are someone that is just not sure what you want to manifest, I would suggest the following:

  1. Meditate- Take some time and meditate on what you need to manifest in.
  2. Ask Your Angels- Ask your Angels and guides to give you direction. You might come across a great book with an idea. Someone might tell you about and idea. Or maybe you come across something online that will give you some direction. Their guidance is amazing!
  3. Follow Your Heart- What does your heart what? Many times we know what we want however we are afraid to act upon our desires.

Finally, start to manifest the things in your life by discerning what is most important to you. Writing things down, meditating or just following your heart can bring in what you want. Remember it’s up to YOU to manifest what you want, so start to work on what you want to get!