2020 is now here, are you ready for a new decade? Time seems to fly by so fast and I ask myself, “where did the last 10 years go?” I am blowing away how quickly it has gone. However, as I reflect, I have done some significant things in this past decade. Here are a few things!

  1. I worked on myself to heal from old wounds of the past and forgive others.
  2. I left my corporate job and started my business Chicks with Spiritual Gifts!
  3. I moved my business into a new location to offer more classes to students.
  4. I traveled to many places including Egypt, Scotland and the United Kingdom.
  5. I wrote a book: Guided by the Voice of Spirit: A Journey of a Medium.

Now, reflect on yourself and write yours down too. See what you have accomplished in the past decade. If you haven’t done too much for the last 10 years, then start this year and make it happen. Start a list of what you would like to accomplish for the next 10 years ahead. Make it a list of at least 10 major things you want to bring in. So far, I have written down 5 things that I want to accomplish, and I have 5 more to go! Just keep the list open and add as you go! Remember everything is attainable as we create our own reality! It all starts with YOU and the dreams you want to come true. Start now and manifest in what you want in your life now. It all up to you, make it a decade to remember!