Have you heard the latest news on the 13th astrology sign discovered by NASA called “Ophiuchus?” Well this isn’t new news at all, as this came up a few years back as well. I wanted to blog about this as I was interviewed by Karina Bland, who is a reporter for the Arizona Republic Newspaper, who wanted to discuss this. Her article came out on Sunday Oct 2, 2016 and you can read more about it with this link below:


Basically in her article she wanted to know what I thought about this “new” 13th Astrology sign that was discovered and if I thought there was any relevance to it. I told her that this information came out years ago and we are revisiting it again. It is funny because this “new” information of this sign came out during the Mercury Retrograde. When Mercury Retrograde hits it means things from the past pop back up into our lives! Anyways, when it was first brought to light years ago, many people questioned it as I did, thinking what is this? It reminded me of when NASA said Pluto wasn’t a planet. Really? When that happened I was like OK, but I still feel it’s a planet and so what? This was the same feeling that I had about this new 13th sign called Ophiuchus. Is this really going to matter if there is another sign? I also felt like why wouldn’t this have been discovered thousands of years prior to this? To me, my sign is a Scorpio, I fit that information and pattern, I do not fit the “Libra” astrology sign that NASA says I fall now under! I explained to her that we all just want to be parts of groups and have some sort of order in our lives. If I was categorized under Scorpio then I am a Scorpio, it’s not going to change because I know I am part of this group or identity. She felt the same way as she is a Pieces and felt she always fit that pattern too. As we talked a bit more regarding this sign she asked me why I felt that people liked the information on Astrology and reading about how their day is going to be in the paper. I told her that we all like to know information, so if my day is going to be a stellar 5 star day I will think and feel like it will. The same goes for a 1 star day, oh no it’s going to be a crappy day! UGH!  With that said, I told her that people like the information provided and it gives us some sort of order too. We all like to know what group we fit in and how that group is going to perform. So even though NASA says there is another sign, so what! I told her, are people going to believe and feel that they belong to another group? I don’t think so, as this is just another day and another sign, and suspect we will hearing about it again in the future!